What we do

It is important to begin by clarifying what we don’t do. We are not brokers or fixers.

We do not grease the wheels. We cannot get you that contract. What we do is to help you navigate and exploit opportunities the good old fashioned way – using market intelligence and domain expertise, and leveraging our network of partners.

Our services framework is built around our E²GPS (Explore, Engage, Guide, Protect, Support) concept:


We help clients explore the oil and gas sector in depth and also explore with them.


We help them engage with key influencers and decision makers.


We guide clients in taking steps towards their strategic business goals.


We protect clients through our in-depth knowledge of regulatory policies.


We support clients throughout their business ventures through our cognitive solutions for each business requirements.

Our Offerings

Business Devlopment

  • Market intelligence, opportunity assessment, feasibility analysis
  • Representation
  • Bid preparation, negotiation, contracting

Corporate Support

  • Corporate structuring registration
  • Staffing recruitment
  • Legal and tax advice

Operational Support

  • Prime vendor for all support services
  • project and site personnel, catering
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Logistics and freight services, warehousing
  • Outsourced back-office and administration/accounting functions

Our Operating Model

We are able to customise the nature and extent of support required by your business. Some of the common collaboration models are:

Representation & Marketing

Market Intelligence, Business Development, Bidding Support

Operational Support Services

Crew Management , Catering , Freight , Logistics , Warehousing , Customs , Supplies , Corrosion Management, MRO

Joint Venture

Leveraging Capital, Increasing Capital Efficiencies, Improving Project Economics, Reducing Risk and Accelerate Development

Our Process

Detail process orientation towards operations with a strong focus on compliance and know-how backed by highly-skilled manpower.

Prioritize: We prioritize our clients’ needs to match the right opportunities that could give them good ROI, increase the value, and overall bottom-line.

Path: Finding the right path to get to opportunities, by building strong relationships.

Position: We help the client build a strong position in the market.

Timeline: We optimize our clients’ resources to meet the targets efficiently and effectively.


PSSI brings vision, knowledge, and wisdom to transform our clients’ project economics.

PSSI has extensive experience along with the best minds in the industry that drives innovation across world energy challenges. We offer broad portfolio of solutions for the Oil & Gas sector.



Over 30 years of experience in providing representation services to companies looking forward to establish their presence in the oil and gas sector in India.


We help our clients navigate the maze of legislation, best practice codes relevant to the Oil & Gas sector and corporate social responsibility.


We monitor competitors and market trends very closely to provide the client with that ‘Competitive Advantage’ that’s required thus enhancing our clients’ project economies.

Who We Are

The Planet Group seeks to build economic and social value in emerging markets. The Group's present interests are focused on 6 industry sectors - People, Logistics, Aliment (Food), Nature, Energy, and Technology.



Planet Support Services India (P) Ltd
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